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The Mission of the University of West Bohemia is to

  • To guarantee access to education and independent research
  • Offer specific as well as universal educational programmes pursuing humanitarian aims and thus contributing to the social maturation of students
  • Design and implement study programmes that respond to the changing requirements of society and are based on projects solving current problems
  • Support the permanent exchange of knowledge, ideas, information, staff and students with the rest of the world
  • Maintain permanent professional as well as social relationships with the graduates of the University
  • Develop life-long education in co-operation with other institutions
  • Support scientific, technical and humanitarian orientated innovation applicable in everyday life
  • Plan and implement a mutually beneficial and creative partnership with the public as well as the private sector both in this country and abroad
  • Play the role of a major higher education institution for education, research and development in the region of West Bohemia
  • Contribute to the closer integration of the University with regional, national, European and world communities
  • Prepare young people for careers bringing success and satisfaction, serve the region and society, and support business and entrepreneurial activities

Values Acknowledged by the University

  • Specialized and universal knowledge
  • Education and applicability in real life
  • Both innovative and traditional approach
  • Individualism and partnership
  • Research and its applications
  • Support for the entrepreneurial environment
  • Contribution to the harmonious development of the individual and society