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CTPVV - Centre of Technical and Natural Science Education and Research

The aim of the project is to build and equip a new building for reinforcing and improving the quality of both undergraduate and graduate programs at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Graduates will find employment mainly in research and in industrial enterprises and institutions of the region.

Registration number of the project CZ.1.05/4.1.00/04.0192

Starting date of of project implementation 01.07.2011

Final date of of project implementation 30.06.2014

Total costs (including VAT) 533,435,016 CZK

Total costs (VAT excluded) 377,168,474 CZK

of which 85% from the European Regional Development Fund 320,593,203 CZK

of which 15% from the state budget of the Czech Republic 56,575,271 CZK

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is carrying out two projects co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund -NTIS and CTPVV. In order to construct a building to be shared by the projects, the University of West Bohemia acquired from the city of Pilsen
a construction lot in the neighbourhood of the current university campus.

The construction shall be completed by receiving a final building approval which is planned for April 2014.

The implementation of the CTPVV project will enable the Faculty of Applied Sciences to offer a high-quality and broad education capacity for development of human resources involved in both current and planned study programmes. The centre will educate competitive graduates who will contribute to research and development projects of the faculty, especially in its R&D centre NTIS. They will also satisfy personal needs of industrial enterprises and institutions in the Pilsen Region. The implementation team of the CTPVV project performs activities similar to those of the NTIS implementation team.

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