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RIPO - Enlargement of Information Support of Research and Development

The project includes:

  1. reconstruction and enlargement of the existing library building

  2. reconstruction of the server room and its infrastructure incorporating state-of-the-art technology

  3. construction of the archive

Registration number of the project CZ.1.05/4.1.00/04.0157

Date of beginning of project implementation 01.07.2011

Date of completion of project implementation 31.08.2013

Total costs 219,463,179 CZK

Total grant 189,423,649 CZK

of which 85% from the European Regional Development Fund 161,010,102 CZK

of which 15% from the state budget of the Czech Republic 28,413,547 CZK

The RIPO project started on July 2010. It covers three areas of services at the University -library, information technology, and archive services.

The most visible activity will be the enlargement of the University library building with construction of a new wing. The building project is at the stage of the announced tender, with the start of construction planned for 1 May 2010. Creation of suitable conditions for group work of students, together with the creation of conditions for individual self-study, led to the need to build small individual study rooms and to extend the capacity for studying in the free-access zone of the library, which will be located in the new wing of the building.

Enlargement of the free-access zone will be completed with the purchase of both printed and electronics books. To improve library and information services, the library will purchase new information technologies such as an advanced search instrument, which will make access to various information sources more effective, and a shared platform to access electronic books.

Within the IT area, the project reflects the fact that dependence of the university on information technologies is increasing and inaccessibility of some sources, information or instruments can, in fact, paralyze the life of the University. That is why the reinforcement of infrastructure is a part of the IT activity of the project. This means a reliable power supply to the central server rooms, their air-condition and long-term back-up power supply with the help of a diesel generator. Apart from these basic infrastructural changes, the capacity and reliability of storage space and the redundancy and throughout of the backbone network will be increased. Last but not least, an increase of the required computing performance in the IS/STAG applications (Study Agenda) will be covered by new licence. Currently data storage site is already installed, so that the results can be used by all university network users.

The archive activity utilizes the construction of the new premises for the library and in the basement a new university archive, corresponding to legal requirements, will be created. As is implied by the location of the archive, this activity will be carried out at the very end of the project.

Vladimír Rudolf