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RTI - Regional Technological Institute

The aim of the RTI project is to build a modern mechanical and technological research institute. RTI will operate new laboratories and testing rooms to support modern research programmes. Laboratories and testing rooms will be located in the annex building of the existing hall laboratories of the Faculty of Machinery Engineering.

Registration number of the project CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0093

Date of beginning of project implementation 01.02.2011

Date of completion of project implementation 30.06.2014

Total costs 528,531,629 CZK

Total grant 455,503,532 CZK

of which 85% from the European Regional Development Fund 387,178,002 CZK

of which 15% from the state budget of the Czech Republic 68,325,530 CZK

The RTI project started on 1 February 2011. The implementation team has developed and presented monitoring reports and applications for a deposit payment from the grant provider (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports). Thanks to that, UWB possesses sufficient funds for gradual implementation. In the period to 30 June 2011, the implementation team completed the first set of in-house documents with which the future operations of the institute will be administered. The supervising board of RTI also works according to standard principles.

A public tender for building construction, including processing documentation, was won by the company OHL ŽS. The supplier is its branch "Pozemni stavitelstvi, divize 7 Ceske Budejovice”, which is the company currently, finishing another new university building -the Institute of Art and Design.

The bid price of construction of the Regional Technological Institute is 46,860,000 CZK, excluding VAT. A part of the saving from the original budget could be, according to the rules of the specific operational programme, used for financing unnecessary, yet permitted adjustments, corrections and changes from the documentation for the building permit. Since 1 July 2011, regular meetings of the work committee, with participation of supplier representatives, workers of the Department for Administration and Capital UWB, the RTI implementation team members, designers of documentation for a building permit (MENE INDUSTRY, Plzen), designers of implementation documents (HBH atelier, Plzen) and other professional specialists have been held. The committee specified final technical parameters and the construction methods.

On 5 October 2011, the University officially handed over the construction site. If there are no unexpected difficulties, the RTI building will be finished by 15 November 2012 and technologies for research and development will immediately be installed in ten new laboratories and testing rooms of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Public tenders will again precede installation of these technologies. They cover tens of items, the parameters of which the responsible workers of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are now specifying.

Miloslav Kepka

Vladislav Kemka