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ECTS credit allocation based on student workload

ECTS credit allocation

The number of credits ascribed to each subject is based on its weight in terms of the workload students need to undertake in order to achieve the learning outcomes. The value of 1 credit represents 26 hours of study. The workload covers contact hours, projects, practical training, the elaboration of seminar assignments, qualifying works, preparation for exams and other forms of self-study. The syllabus of each subject with a credit value higher than 0 includes planned study and learning activities, and the standard number of hours needed is provided. Allocation of credits is being discussed at the university level in the UWB Accreditation Committee. Each subject has the same credit value for all students, regardless of the subject’s status.


Credits are awarded to individual students after completion of learning activities and the successful assessment of the achieved learning outcomes.


The full number of credits students can obtain is 60 credits/full-time academic year (i.e. 30 credits/semester). This number includes compulsory (A), compulsory-elective (B) and free elective (C) courses.

Grading system of the institution: