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Academic authorities

 Senior Management of the University of West Bohemia

Doc. Dr. RNDr. Miroslav H o l e č e k
phone 377 631 000,  e-mail rektor@rek.zcu.cz

Vice-Rector for Development and External Relations
Doc. Ing. Vladimír D u ch e k, Ph.D.
phone 377 637 440, e-mail duchekv@kto.zcu.cz

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
Doc. Ladislav Č e p i č k a, Ph.D.
phone 377 631 020, e-mail studium@rek.zcu.cz

Vice-Rector for Research and Development
Prof. RNDr. Tomáš K a i s e r, DSc.
phone 377 632 627, e-mail kaisertl@kma.zcu.cz

vice-rector for quality and project activities
PhDr. Tereza Š l e h o f e r o v á, PhD.
phone 377 635 318, e-mail tzikova@ksa.zcu.cz


Ing. Petr B e n e š
phone 377 631 060, e-mail kvestor@rek.zcu.cz

Rector's office (building) UWB, Univerzitní 8, 306 14 Plzeň


The Academic Senate

Represents academic community of the University, approves its statute and other legal norms based on the Higher Education Act. It also elects the candidate for the post of Rector, who is then appointed by the President of the Czech Republic.

The Academic Senate has 55 members, the staff/student representation ratio in the Senate is 2:1 and the members are elected for 2 years period.


The Research Board

Acts in an advisory capacity, recommends the appointment of professors, the award of Dr. h. c. and the University medal.
Members of the Board are appointed by the Rector in accordance with the law with respect to spheres of university concern distribution.


The Board of Directors UWB

Issues written approval listed in the Higher Education Act, gives its opinion on the Long-term strategy of the University, its budget, the Annual report and Activity and Economy report. Members designated by the Rector are appointed by the Minister of Education.