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Courses in academic year 2019/2020

Course unit code Course unit title Semester Language of instruction
KFY/DP1 Thesis Tutorial 1 Winter Czech,English
KFY/DP2 Thesis Tutorial 2 Summer Czech,English
KFY/FPL1 Solid State Physics 1 Winter Czech,English
KFY/FPL2 Solid State Physics 2 Winter Czech,English
KFY/FTPV1 Plasma Surface Technologies 1 Winter Czech,English
KFY/FTPV2 Plasma Surface Technologies 2 Summer Czech,English
KFY/MPPL Modelling of Plasma and of Solid State Summer Czech,English
KFY/PRJ2 Semester Project 2 Summer
KFY/PRJ3 Semester Project 3 Winter
KGM/PRJ1 Semestral Project 1 Winter Czech,English
KIV/DB1-E Database Systems 1 Winter English
KIV/IR-E Information Retrieval Summer English
KIV/PPA2E Computers and Programming 2 Summer English
KIV/PT-E Programming Techniques Winter English
KIV/SU-E Theory of Cognitive Systems Winter English
KIV/UIR-E AI and Pattern Recognition Summer English
KIV/UPA-E Introduction to Computer Architectures Winter English
KIV/UPS-E Fundamentals of Computer Networks Winter English
KIV/UUR-E Introduction to User Interfaces Summer English
KIV/VSS-E Soft. Syst. Reliability and Performance Winter English
KIV/WEB-E Web Applications Winter English
KIV/ZEP-E Basics of effective programming Summer English
KIV/ZPOSE Polygon Mesh Processing Winter English
KIV/ZSWIE Fundamentals of Software Engineering Summer English
KKY/IŘS1 Information and Control Systems 1 Summer Czech,English
KKY/MCT Mathematical Control Theory Winter English
KKY/MS2 Modelling and Simulation 2 Winter Czech,English
KKY/SWAP SW Development for Automotive Industry Winter English
KKY/UI Artificial Intelligence Winter Czech,English
KKY/ZDO Digital Image Processing Winter/Summer Czech,English
KKY/ZMB Introduction to Cellular System Modeling Winter/Summer English
KMA/DMA-A Discrete Mathematics Summer English
KMA/G1-A Geometry 1 Winter English
KMA/G2 Geometry 2 Summer Czech,English
KMA/MA3-A Mathematical Analysis 3 Winter English
KMA/MME-A Mathematical Models in Econometrics Winter English
KMA/MMM Modern Mathematical Methods Summer Czech,English
KMA/NA Numerical Analysis Winter Czech,English
KMA/NM-A Numerical Methods Summer English
KMA/PDR-A Partial Differential Equations Winter English
KMA/PRJ2 Semester Project 2 Summer Czech,English
KMA/PRJ3 Semester Project 3 Winter Czech,English
KMA/PRJ4 Semester Project 4 Summer Czech,English
KMA/PRJ5 Semester Project 5 Winter Czech,English
KMA/PSA-A Probability and Statistics A Winter English
KMA/SF Stochastic Finance Summer Czech,English
KMA/SPMA Seminar Assignment in Mathematics Winter/Summer Czech,English
KMA/VPDM Selected Topics in Discrete Mathematics Winter Czech,English
KMA/VPM1 Selected Topics in MA and NM 1 Summer Czech,English
KMA/VPM2 Selected Topics in MA and NM 2 Winter Czech,English
KMA/ZNP Fundamentals of Random Processes Winter Czech,English
KME/ADAM Simulation of Mechanismus Motion - ADAMS Summer Czech,English
KME/D Dynamics Summer Czech,English
KME/DYCH Nonlinear dynamics and chaos Summer Czech,English
KME/KIN Kinematics Winter Czech,English
KME/MECH1 Mechanics 1 Winter Czech,English
KME/MECH2 Mechanics 2 Summer Czech,English
KME/MECH3 Mechanics 3 Winter Czech,English
KME/MK Continuum Mechanics Winter Czech,English
KME/MKM1 Mechanics of composite materials 1 Summer Czech,English
KME/MKM2 Mechanics of composite materials 2 Winter Czech,English
KME/MRS Mechanics of Rotary Machines Summer Czech,English
KME/PP1 Mechanics of Materials 1 Winter Czech,English
KME/PP2 Mechanics of Materials 2 Summer Czech,English
KME/SD Dynamics - Seminar Summer Czech,English
KME/SKIN Kinematics - Seminar Winter Czech,English
KME/SSTA Statics - Seminar Summer Czech,English
KME/STA Statics Summer Czech,English
KME/VMM Comp. Methods in Solid Mechanics Summer Czech,English
KME/VMP Comp. Methods in Mechanics of Materials Winter/Summer Czech,English
KME/VMT Computational Methods in Fluid Dynamics Summer Czech,English
KME/ZME Fundamentals of Mechanics Winter Czech,English