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Courses in academic year 2019/2020

Course unit code Course unit title Semester Language of instruction
KAE/AES Analogue Electronic Systems Winter Czech,English
KAE/ANT Antennas Summer Czech,English
KAE/CESR Digital Electronic Systems R Winter Czech,English
KAE/CZS Digital Signal Processing Winter Czech,English
KAE/DZS Diagnostics and Reliabil. in Electronics Winter Czech,English
KAE/MPP Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Summer Czech,English
KAE/PLO Programmable Logic Devices Winter Czech,English
KAE/RAD Radio Electronics Winter Czech,English
KAE/SAC Sensors and Actuators Summer Czech,English
KAE/SAS Signals and Systems Summer Czech,English
KAE/SYS1 Electronic Systems Synthesis 1 Winter Czech,English
KAE/SYS2 Synthesis of electronic systems 2 Summer Czech,English
KAE/TK Telecommunications Summer Czech,English
KAE/ZST Fundamentals of Telecommunications Winter Czech,English
KEE/EEN Economy in Power Engineering Summer Czech,English
KEE/EE1 Electrical Power Engineering 1 Summer Czech,English
KEE/EE2 Electrical Power Engineering 2 Winter Czech,English
KEE/ELS Electric Switching Stations and Lines Winter Czech,English
KEE/EPRE Electric.Apparatus in Power Engineering Winter Czech,English
KEE/ETEE Ecology and New Technologies Winter Czech,English
KEE/ETP Industrial electroheat equipments Winter Czech,English
KEE/E1 Power Plants I Winter Czech,English
KEE/E2 Power Plants II Summer Czech,English
KEE/JE Nuclear Power Plants Winter Czech,English
KEE/MMEE Management and Marketing in EE Summer Czech,English
KEE/MR Measur., Reg. and Contr. of El. Networks Winter/Summer Czech,English
KEE/MS Power Network Modelling Winter Czech,English
KEE/PE Industrial Power Engineering Winter Czech,English
KEE/PEC Power Equipment Design Summer Czech,English
KEE/PEE Survey of Electrical Power Engineering Summer Czech,English
KEE/PJS Transient Phenomena in Electr. Networks Winter Czech,English
KEE/POE Computers in Power Engineering Winter/Summer Czech,English
KEE/SOES Solar Power Electric Systems Summer Czech,English
KEE/VEN Water Plants and Non-conventional Energy Summer Czech,English
KEE/ZVE Power sources and production Winter Czech,English
KET/APPR Copyright and Industrial Law Summer Czech,English
KET/DEZ Diagnostics of Electrical Systems Winter/Summer Czech,English
KET/FE Physical Electronics Winter Czech,English
KET/ITE2 Emerging Technologies in El. Eng. 2 Summer Czech,English
KET/KOPO Communication in Industrial Enterprises Winter Czech,English
KET/KTL Design and Technol. of Electron. Devices Winter Czech,English
KET/MATA Materials and tech. for autom. Eng. Winter Czech,English
KET/MSE Materials in El. Power Engineering Summer Czech,English
KET/MZD Deterioration record methods of el.eqip. Winter Czech,English
KET/OPA Presentation of Techn. Topics on English Winter Czech,English
KET/POET1 Business in Electrical Engineering 1 Winter Czech,English
KET/PREP Case studies Winter/Summer Czech,English
KET/PRS Case studies Summer Czech,English
KET/RIP Process Control in Electrical Eng. Winter Czech,English
KET/SPS Special Devices for Electronics Summer Czech,English
KET/TASE Introduction to Business Management Summer Czech,English
KET/TEL Technologies in Electronics Winter Czech,English
KET/TLP Technological Processes Winter/Summer Czech,English
KET/VTP Manufactur.and Technolog.Processes Winter Czech,English
KET/ZPI Security of Enterprise Information Summer Czech,English
KEV/ES Electrical Machines Summer Czech,English
KEV/MRP Microprocessor Control of Electric Drive Winter Czech,English
KEV/MZZ Measur. and Testing of Electric. Devices Winter Czech,English
KEV/NFR Low Frequency Interference Summer Czech,English
KEV/PPK Computer-Aided Design Winter/Summer Czech,English
KEV/PVE Electrical Drives and Power Electronics Winter Czech,English
KEV/RT Control Engineering Winter/Summer Czech,English
KEV/TES1 Theory of Electric Machines 1 Winter Czech,English
KEV/VE Power Electronics Winter Czech,English
KEV/VES Power Electronics - Selected Parts Winter Czech,English
KEV/ZEI Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Winter Czech,English
KTE/EDPE Electrodynamics for Industrial El. Eng. Summer Czech,English
KTE/EV Electromagnetic waves Winter Czech,English
KTE/PPEL Computer Support in El. Engineering Winter Czech,English
KTE/TEVS Theory of El. Eng. - Selected Parts Winter Czech,English
KTE/TEVSK Selected Parts - Theory of El. Eng. Winter Czech,English
KTE/YTE1 Theory of Electrical Engineering 1 Summer Czech,English
KTE/YTE2 Theory of Electrical Engineering 2 Winter Czech,English