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Courses in academic year 2019/2020

Course unit code Course unit title Semester Language of instruction
KFP/AECOR European and Czech Corporate Tax Law Summer English
KFP/AECTL European and Czech Taxation Law Winter English
KFP/AEEI EU Law and Economic Integration Winter English
KFP/AMSE Monetary Sovereignty and Euro Summer English
KMP/AIIL Introduction into International Law Winter English
KMP/IPL Investment Protection Law Summer English
KOP/ILB Introduction to Law for Business Winter/Summer English
KOP/IPL Intellectual Property Law Summer English
KOP/LBS Law of Busienss Contracts Winter/Summer English
KPD/ALHC1 Legal History of CE Countries 1 Winter English
KPD/ALHC2 Legal History of CE Countries 2 Summer English
KPO/LEM Legal Entities and Their Members Summer English
KTP/ACIJ Current Issues in Jurisprudence Winter/Summer English
KTP/AJIL Jewish and Islamic Law in Comparison Winter/Summer English
KTP/AULP Introduction to Study of Human Rights Winter/Summer English
KTR/AUTR1 Introduction into Criminal Law 1 Winter English
KTR/AUTR2 Introduction into Criminal Law 2 Summer English
KÚP/ACCL Introduction to Czech Constitutional Law Winter English
KÚP/AELLP European Law in Legal Practice Winter English
KÚP/AEUL1 European Union Law 1 Winter English
KÚP/AEUL2 European Union Law 2 Summer English
KÚP/ALPM Human Rights, Minorities, Non-discrim. Winter English
KÚP/AMOF Movements and Freedoms in EU Law Summer English
KÚP/APEUL Procedural Rights in EU Law Summer English
KÚP/ASÚS1 Constitutional Systems 1 Winter English
KÚP/ASÚS2 Constitutional Systems 2 Summer English
KÚP/CS1 Case Studies 1 Winter English
KÚP/CS2 Case Studies 2 Summer English
KÚP/ÚABP Constitutional aspects of British law Winter English
KÚP/ÚBP1 Introd. to British Law and Language 1 Winter English
KÚP/ÚBP2 Introd. to British Law and Language 2 Summer English
KÚP/ÚOBP Introduction to selected branches Summer English