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The Department of Hostels and Students’ Halls UWB in Pilsen runs two canteens situated directly on the campus or in its proximity (Canteen I - Kollárova 19, Pilsen, Canteen IV - Univerzitní 12, Pilsen). Besides lunch, the canteens also provide dinners, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

How does it work?

Each diner must have a JIS card, which works both as a student’s ID and electronic wallet. In any of the canteens, the diner can place a deposit on the card (min. 200 CZK) and use it to pay for meals. Diners may choose from 6 meals on the spot. There is no ordering system at the time of the meal in our canteens. Each student is entitled to two meals (warm or cold) every day. However, the evening meal must be ordered in advance. The average cost of one meal is 30 CZK. Soup costs 5 CZK. Students may also choose from a wide range of fast-food (pizza, gyros, hamburger, sandwiches, drinks, pastry, etc.) offered by the three following buffets:

  • Buffet Bolevecká Halls
  • Buffet Univerzitní 22
  • Buffet Faculty of Education, Klatovská 51

Students’ boarding in Cheb

Students from the Faculty of Economics UWB may dine at the Integrated High School of Agriculture and Management, where they can choose from two warm meals every day, including evening meals.