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Practical information for mobile students

Practical information for mobile students

Prior to arrival at UWB you need to fill in these documents:

  • Application (to a particular mobility programme) -send the application to study department of the relevant faculty or eventually to International Office;
  • Learning agreement -a document that defines study duties which a student must fulfil during his/her study period. Learning agreement must be approved (signed) by ECST coordinator of your home university. Send the learning agreement to the study department or eventually International Office of the host university.

Deadlines for application

  • For winter semester: 30th May
  • For summer semester: 30th November


According to the law all international students coming from EU countries need no visa. Other international students can get information about visa application procedure at Czech embassy or consulate in his home country or can see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

ISIC -International student identity card

We recommend to arrange the card before you arrive to the Czech Republic.

This card will allow you to benefit from student reductions for such things as the public transport pass, most museum and theatre tickets, and many bus, rail and air fares. If for some reason you are not able to do so before coming to Pilsen -for more information visit http://www.isic.cz/.

Arrival to Pilsen

If you plan to arrive to the Czech Republic by plane, we recommend you to choose the airport in the capital city: Airport Prague -Ruzyně. At the airport you can get information about local transport. You can arrive to Pilsen by bus (form the Bus station Prague Florence or Bus station Prague Zličín) or by train (Prague main station). If you choose bus, get off at the bus stop Pilsen central bus station. If you choose train, get off at the stop Pilsen main station.

Information about connections to Pilsen can be found at: http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz

UWB faculties are located as follows:

Campus Bory -Faculty of Applied Sciences (Univerzitní 22), Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Univerzitní 26), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Univerzitní 22), Institute of Art and Design (Univerzitní 22)

City center - Faculty of Economics (Husova 11), Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (Sedláčkova 38), Faculty of Education (Sedláčkova 38), Faculty of Law (sady Pětatřicátníků 14), Faculty of Health Care Studies (Tylova 57)

UWB Rectorate is located at campus Bory (Univerzitní 8) and International Office (Univerzitní 20).

Other practical information can be found at International Office web.