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Student associations

Student organizations

AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de L´Europe)

AEGEE is one of the largest student associations in Europe that joins together young people from all fields of study. AEGEE is active in more than 240 academic cities and 43 countries around Europe, which results in a unique cultural diversity. AEGEE is a secular, non-profit and non-political organization. All projects and activities are carried out on the basis of volunteering.

The aim of the association is to make all European countries participate in peacekeeping and thus supports the idea of European integration and better mutual understanding. In order to reach the aim, AEGEE organizes international and local student events, where students get the chance to meet their peers from abroad and learn about student life and culture elsewhere.

Contact: Husova 11, 306 14 Plzeň, e-mail: office@aegee-plzen.cz

AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales)

AIESEC Plzeň is one of the subsidiaries of the largest international student-led association. The main focus is the self-development of AIESEC members and professional internships abroad. This applies to both Czech students taking internships abroad and students coming to the Czech Republic.

Contact: Husova 11, 306 14 Plzeň, e-mail: plzen@aiesec.cz

ESN (International Exchange - Erasmus Student Network)

Founded by the International Relations office (IR), ESN works as a mediator of informal communication and physical contact between foreign students and the IR office. The main task of ESN is to support students during administrative procedures and organize social events for them.

Contact: e-mail: esn@students.zcu.cz

ELSA -The European Law Students’ Association

The European Law Students’ Association is the largest global, non-political, independent and non-profit association of law students. ELSA was established in Vienna in 1981 and its membership includes approximately 30,000 law students from more than 200 universities in 41 European countries. ELSA has a consulting and monitoring status during OSN and UNESCO meetings. In addition, ELSA monitors meetings of the European Council and World Intellectual Property Organization.

Contact: e-mail: plzen@elsa.cz

IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience)

The IAESTE local center at UWB Plzeň is one of the subsidiaries of the student non-profit organization IAESTE CZ. The aim of the organization is to improve the level of students’ and graduates’ professional and language skills through internships. There are currently 84 countries around the globe which cooperate with IAESTE International. The internships may take place in any of these.
Contact: Husova 11, 306 14 Plzeň, e-mail: zcu@iaeste.cz Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript

Professional and Trade Union of Students

The Professional and Trade Union of Students of the University of West Bohemia (SUS ZCU) was established and registered by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. Some of the main activities of SUS ZCU include the organization of the following events: Plzeň fest Majáles, Gala Ball ZČU, students’ clubs (Studna, Ucho, etc.). In cooperation with IAESTE, SUS also participates in the organization of the annual Job Fair.

Contact: Tylova 15, 306 14 Plzeň, e-mail: suszcu@centrum.cz

Student Chamber of the UWB Academic Senate (SK AS)

SK AS UWB represents students in the UWB Academic Senate. It is the highest student representative body in the UWB community. In total, SK AS has 19 members: two from each of the UWB faculties, one representative of Higher Education Institutions and two doctoral students. SK members, like all members of the senate itself, are elected for two years. The term of office begins in January of an even year, while the election take place in autumn the previous year. Besides the Academic Senate, SK has its representatives in a variety of committees and UWB administration workgroups, so that they can have an influence on a wide range of decision-making processes.

Student media

Students’ information server Dioné

Created by students for students, Dioné is an independent UWB students’ information server. Besides providing information about current affairs and events at the university, Dioné publishes interesting articles of interest to students. It is possible to find some useful information here about UWB events or to enjoy humorous readings. Go and visit the server for a clearer idea about it.

Contact: e-mail: sefredaktor@dione.zcu.cz

Radio Bomba

Radio Bomba is a student Internet broadcasting station with a twenty-year tradition. The radio Bomba team is not concerned only with broadcasting itself; it also organizes a great many cultural and social events for students (student parties, student band’s festivals, etc.).

Contact: e-mail: radiobomba@mail.zcu.cz