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Students at University of West Bohemia are represented by:

The student representatives in the Academic Senate

who represent students in all study matters

The student representatives on the Residential Board

who represent students in matters concerning their accommodation in the halls of residence - SKM Pilsen

The Student Union (SUS)

is an organization which provides various services for students and organizes sporting, cultural and other events

The student representatives in the Council of Higher Education Institutions

UWB has one member in the Chamber of Students of the Council of Higher Education Institutions

Students can use services of the following organizatios:


International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

Erasmus Student Network - ESN Pilsen

ESN Pilsen is a reception program of the University of West Bohemia, which provides help to foreign students with adapting to different conditions.


AIESEC is the biggest international students organization in the world. We offer a possibility of personal development and getting practical experience not only from economic fields.


Coordination Center Czech - German Youth Exchange