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Student organizations operating at our university



IAESTE is a student organization that provides student internships abroad and facilitates contacts between students and their future employers.

In local centers, in the frame of various projects, students learn skills such as team work, scheduling and presentation skills that will facilitate access to the first employment.


Email: zcu@iaeste.cz


EGEE is one of the largest student organizations in Europe. All projects and activities are based on the voluntary work of its members.

The organization is promoting the idea of European integration and mutual understanding by organising international and local student events.


Email: office@aegee-plzen.org


It organizes aid for international students during their internship and stay at the University of West Bohemia (the buddy system), organizes trips, cultural events, fairs and is the main organizer of the student ball.


Email: esn@students.zcu.cz


AIESEC has been operating in the Faculty of Economics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen since 2003. The main activity is the implementation of foreign work placements for both the Czech students going on placements around the world and the students coming to the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic AIESEC organizes various trainings, lectures and workshops. Members can participate in national or multinational conferences and thus gain greater chances in labor market.


Email: plzen@aiesec.cz


The European Law Students' Association is a non-political, independent and non-profit association of law students. ELSA has a consultative and observer status in the UN and UNESCO meetings and acts as an observer at meetings of the Council of Europe and at meetings of the World Intellectual Property Organization.


Email: plzen@elsa.cz


The Academic Society of the Czech-Slovak Union of students of political science at UWB is a voluntary non-political association of students majoring in political science, international relations and other related disciplines, and of the public interested in this area. It organizes conferences, lectures and discussions with top representatives of the Czech political scene. It also organises visits to political institutions. AS CPSS in Pilsen publishes an Internet political magazine called e-Polis.


Professional Union of Students

Professional Union of Students of the University of West Bohemia (UWB SUS) was founded as an association of citizens already in 1990. It organizes the Pilsner Rag Day, the Gala Ball of the UWB, and runs various student clubs. Together with IAESTE it organizes the Job Fair.

Email: suszcu@centrum.cz