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Steam piping tubes corrosion

KŘÍŽ, A., NĚMEČEK, S., FIALA, J. Steam piping tubes corrosion. Acta Metallurgica Slovaca, 2004, roč. 10, č. 1, s. 438-442. ISSN: 1335-1532
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Steam piping tubes corrosion
Rok vydání: 2004
Autoři: Antonín Kříž , Stanislav Němeček , Jaroslav Fiala
Abstrakt EN: In this article an investigation of a cause of different corrosion behaviours of two steels with identical chemical compositions is presented. German DIN 14MoV6-3 grade steel, which was used for steam piping, was attacked by corrosion after approximately 20 years of service at 545°C to considerably greater extent than the Czech equivalent CSN 15128 steel, which was used at a different power plant. Service conditions are identical at both plants (i.e. same service period at identical temperatures).
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