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Evaluation of mechanical properties of thin hard coatings

BLÁHOVÁ, O., SOBOTA, J., PEŠEK, L. Evaluation of mechanical properties of thin hard coatings. Hejnice - Liberec, 2008.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Evaluation of mechanical properties of thin hard coatings
Rok vydání: 2008
Autoři: Doc. Ing. Olga Bláhová Ph.D. , Jaroslav Sobota , Ladislav Pešek
Abstrakt CZ: TiCN povlaky jsou obvykle nanášeny CVD nebo PVD metodami a testovány pomocí dynamického zatěžování.
Abstrakt EN: TiCN coatins are usually deposited by the CVD or PVD method and are testified with dynamically loaded parts. CVD deposition proceeds during high temperatures and the coated parts are necessary to be tempered then. It is difficult to keep the wanted proportions at the very precisse parts. That is why these coatings are examined to deposit by low temperature methods PVD and PACVD. The samples deposited in various coating centre are compared in this paper. The thickness, roughness and chemical constitution of coatings are evaluated. The nanoindentation measurements and the tribological tests by high temperature pin-on-disc tribometer were both realized. Dynamical behaviour of the coatings was evaluated o nthe dynamic impact tester. It was discovered the coatings deposited by the PACVD method after optimisation of deposeted parameters could replace the classical CVD coatings for applications requiring high precision of proportions.
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