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Plan4all ? Interoperability of Spatial Planning Data

Mildorf, T. Plan4all ? Interoperability of Spatial Planning Data. Polsko - INSPIRE Conference 2010,
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Plan4all ? Interoperability of Spatial Planning Data
Rok vydání: 2010
Místo konání: Polsko - INSPIRE Conference 2010
Autoři: Ing. Tomáš Mildorf
Abstrakt EN: The workshop should introduce the main objectives of the eContentplus project Plan4all ? harmonization of spatial planning data according to the INSPIRE Directive based on existing best practices in EU regions and municipalities and the results of current research projects. The overview of current trends and best practices in spatial planning will be introduced. The focus will be on the technical solution for deployment of metadata and data itself in terms of common data models and networking architecture. Discussion about these topics and the feedback from the participants of the workshop will be the major focus of this workshop. The outcomes of the discussion will influence further work on these topics within the project.
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