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Teaching Geomatics with Web 2.0

JEŽEK, J., ČADA, V., FIALA, R., ČERBA, O., JEDLIČKA, K., JANEČKA, K., ŠILHAVÝ, J., VICHROVÁ, M. Teaching Geomatics with Web 2.0. Orléans, France, 2011.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Teaching Geomatics with Web 2.0
Rok vydání: 2011
Autoři: Ing. Jan Ježek Ph.D. , Doc. Ing. Václav Čada CSc. , Ing. Radek Fiala , Ing. Otakar Čerba , Ing. Karel Jedlička PhD. , Ing. Karel Janečka Ph.D. , Ing. Jakub Šilhavý , Ing. Martina Vichrová Ph.D. ,
Abstrakt EN: Spatial services and applications are one of main part of Web 2.0. Due to this fact a lot of things has changed and lot of methods that were essential in the past are not used today. Following this fact we have started a project focused on building and upgrading of learning materials for specific parts of Geomatics that focused on modern technologies and approaches. These materials are also as such build and teached on web 2.0 technologies. In the scope of our project we are working on bringing multimedia and interactive upgrade to learning material and presentations to catch new approaches as much as possible. This materials are then distributed and discussed through Internet platforms like blog posts and social networks. Student can then easily access it and discus related issues. This approach is also very important for distance education that is becoming very popular in EU. This poster shows and describe samples of the best outcomes of this project.
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