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Cartographic Education in Geomatics Curriculum

ČERBA, O., ČADA, V., VICHROVÁ, M., JEDLIČKA, K., JANEČKA, K., JEŽEK, J., ŠILHAVÝ, J. Cartographic Education in Geomatics Curriculum. In Proceedings of AutoCarto 2012. Columbus, Ohio: CaGIS, 2012. s. 1-12. ISBN: neuvedeno
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Cartographic Education in Geomatics Curriculum
Rok vydání: 2012
Místo konání: Columbus, Ohio
Název zdroje: CaGIS
Autoři: Ing. Otakar Čerba , Doc. Ing. Václav Čada CSc. , Ing. Martina Vichrová Ph.D. , Ing. Karel Jedlička PhD. , Ing. Karel Janečka Ph.D. , Ing. Jan Ježek Ph.D. , Ing. Jakub Šilhavý ,
Abstrakt EN: Geomatics is a multidisciplinary science branch connected with many different subjects such as surveying, geoinformatics or remote sensing. Also cartography and spatial data visualisation represent a important part of geomatics. What is the current position of cartography among above mentioned sciences in geomatics curriculum? It is necessary to realize that cartography transforms complicated spatial data products to clear, intelligible and attractive outputs (maps and similar products). Cartography summarizes and presents all results of other parts of geomatics. Also cartography influences all disciplines focused on spatial data capturing and processing as well as it is influenced by them. This paper describes the role of cartography (as the tool to spatial data visualization and presentation) in geomatics curriculum in general, including relation to change of paradigm of university education.
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