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Techniques Used for Optimizing 3D Geovisualization of Terezín Memorial

JEDLIČKA, K., ČADA, V., FIALA, R., HÁJEK, P., JANEČKA, K., JEŽEK, J., JAN, R., STREJCOVÁ, J., VICHROVÁ, M. Techniques Used for Optimizing 3D Geovisualization of Terezín Memorial. In 26th International Cartographic Conference Proceedings. Dresden: International Cartographic Association, 2013. s. 686. ISBN: 978-1-907075-06-3
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Techniques Used for Optimizing 3D Geovisualization of Terezín Memorial
Rok vydání: 2013
Místo konání: Dresden
Název zdroje: International Cartographic Association
Autoři: Ing. Karel Jedlička PhD. , Doc. Ing. Václav Čada CSc. , Ing. Radek Fiala Ph.D. , Ing. Pavel Hájek , Ing. Karel Janečka Ph.D. , Ing. Jan Ježek Ph.D. , Roubínek Jan , Bc. Jana Strejcová , Ing. Martina Vichrová Ph.D. ,
Abstrakt EN: In memory of events happened in Terezín during World War II, the newly created Czechoslovak government, opened the Terezín Memorial in 1947. The key mission of the Memorial is to commemorate the victims of the Nazi political and racial persecution during the occupation of the Czech lands in WW II, to promote museum, research and educational activities, and look after the memorial sites connected with the suffering and death of dozens of thousands of victims of violence. The largeness of Terezín Memorial and its interior complexity doesn?t allow visitors to orient here without previous reading and studying. Moreover the sources that are available there is hard to understand. Therefore the project ?Landscape of memory. Dresden and Terezín as places of memories on Shoah? aims to accentuate Terezín urban area for its history and Terezín Memorial for its depth of knowledge. The result of the project will be virtually presented landscape capturing the memories of the cross-border CzechSaxony region in times of Third Reich. For this purpose the technologies serving for geographical description of historical contents, 3D visualization, data description and publication will be used, combined and further developed.
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