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Properties of cemented carbides upon thermal exposure

KŘÍŽ, A., ŠPIRIT, Z. Properties of cemented carbides upon thermal exposure. In Materiály v tepelném zpracování. Čerčany: 2013. s. 179-186. ISBN: 978-80-904462-6-7
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Properties of cemented carbides upon thermal exposure
Rok vydání: 2013
Místo konání: Čerčany
Autoři: Doc. Dr. Ing. Antonín Kříž , Zbyněk Špirit
Abstrakt CZ: Slinuté karbidy jsou charakterizovány především jejich křehkostí.
Abstrakt EN: Cemented carbides are characterized by their brittleness. It is manifested in their machanical processing operations and during thermal exposure. The latter occurs in their application as cutting tool materials. In the course of the cutting process, the tool temperature may rise to 800 °C. In intermittent cutting or in relation to the use of cutting fluids, rapid temperature swings may occur. As a consequence of such temperatures and rapid temperature variation, the propertis of cemented carbides change irreversibly. In some cases, microcracks form, leading to failure and destruction. The aim of the present experiments was to describe the thermal exposure-related changes in properties of two advanced types of cemented carbides. Results of the investigation provide clear evidence of such alteration.
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