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Atlas of landforms of West Bohemia

RAK, P., MENTLÍK, P. Atlas of landforms of West Bohemia. Plzeň, 2015.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Atlas of landforms of West Bohemia
Rok vydání: 2015
Autoři: Ing. Pavel Rak , Doc. RNDr. Pavel Mentlík Ph.D. ,
Abstrakt EN: Atlas of landforms of West Bohemia is primarily meant as education material for foreign students of Centre of Biology, Geosciences and Environmental Education in Faculty of Education. In general, the landscape of Western Bohemia provides interesting examples for explanation of landforms origin and development. Online atlas is really good choice to explain how chosen landforms look, how to describe their origin, development and influence on the landforms surroundings. The presented Atlas has two main parts. The first part is freely accessible providing general information about the landforms and landscape, while the second part is intended for students of listed subjects providing spatial data and special teaching materials. The main part of the Atlas is photo section with description where the landforms are shown. To demonstrate most significant and interesting features we used modern data from Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR).
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