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SDI4apps Points of Interest Knowledge Base

ČERBA, O., MILDORF, T., MUSILOVÁ, B., VLACH, P., CHARVÁT, K., BERZINS, R. SDI4apps Points of Interest Knowledge Base. Wien, 2015.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: SDI4apps Points of Interest Knowledge Base
Rok vydání: 2015
Místo konání: Wien
Autoři: Ing. Mgr. Otakar Čerba Ph.D. , Ing. Tomáš Mildorf Ph.D. , Barbora Musilová , Pavel Vlach , Karel Charvát , Raitis Berzins
Abstrakt EN: The SDI4apps solution is applied in six pilot applications. One of the pilot applications, the Open Smart Tourist Data pilot, focuses on cycle tourism. In addition to the cycle routes dataset, another crucial knowledge base including points of interest (POI) is being created. The contemporary version of the POI knowledge base (June 2015) contains more than 3,200,000 POI covering 45 European countries. Data are kept as RDF triples in the Virtuoso database system. OpenStreetMap is the main data source of the POI knowledge base, but there are integrated other resources such as experimental ontologies developed at the University of the West Bohemia (European ski resorts and Christian monuments in Rome) and data from the Posumavi region (south-west Bohemia). The original data are transformed to an RDF file (1,7 GB) through XSLT styles. These XSLT styles process structured and valid information such as ontologies as well as non-valid data such as particular web pages of Posumavi region. The data are published via SPARQL endpoint and the SDI4apps geoportal (map application Smart Tourist Data).
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