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Designing SDI4Apps POI Base

ČERBA, O., MILDORF, T., BERZINS, R. Designing SDI4Apps POI Base. Bethlehem, 2015.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Designing SDI4Apps POI Base
Rok vydání: 2015
Místo konání: Bethlehem
Autoři: Ing. Mgr. Otakar Čerba Ph.D. , Ing. Tomáš Mildorf Ph.D. , Raitis Berzins
Abstrakt EN: The SDI4Apps project has collected a large number of points of interest (POIs). This data set represents a seamless and open resource of POIs in Europe. Its principal target is to provide information for cycling as Linked data together with other data set containing road network. The POIs, which will be available for other users for download, search and reuse, will be helpful for other applications in tourism as well. The article presents the data model for POIs and harmonization of external data sources into this data model. The current version of the SDI4Apps POI data set includes a harmonized combination of selected OpenStreetMap data, experimental ontologies and local data. A short comparison of the SDI4Apps POIs with the OpenPOIs data set is presented.
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