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Virtual human body model for fast safety assessment

HYNČÍK, L., KOVÁŘ, L. Virtual human body model for fast safety assessment. Roztoky u Prahy, 2017.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Virtual human body model for fast safety assessment
Rok vydání: 2017
Autoři: Doc. Ing. Luděk Hynčík Ph.D. , Ing. Luděk Kovář Ph.D.
Abstrakt EN: Road traffic accidents cause one of the highest numbers of severe injuries, because mobility is a part of everyday life in all countries over the world. Future challenges such as multi-modal transport including autonomous cars, bring new safety issues to be investigated. New impact scenarios covering multi-directional impacts can be hardly assessed using hardware dummies, so virtual approach using human body models is the technology to be addressed for future safety assessment. The human body model is composed by hybrid approach, which means that deformable skin segments are connected to skeleton multi-body system. The hybrid approach enables fast calculation with good injury prediction. The complex process of injury prediction is implemented in VPS software, where user can define a human body of a given anthropometry, link it to the external environment, run simulation and assess injury risk.
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