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Segment modifications of corrective spinal orthoses

ČERNÝ, P., KRAWCYK, P., MAŘÍK, I. Segment modifications of corrective spinal orthoses. Lyon, France, 2017.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Segment modifications of corrective spinal orthoses
Rok vydání: 2017
Autoři: Ing. Pavel Černý Ph.D. , Petr Krawcyk , Prof. MUDr. Ivo Mařík CSc.
Abstrakt EN: Results: Through the long-term applications of dynamic orthosis with inclinations, we have discovered that this type of orthosis is suitable only for a flexible spine with thoracic curve (King 3 or 5) and that it is not optimal for lumbar curves (King 1 and 2) and “C” type curve (King 4). The two-variant brace is suitable in all cases where the night-time positioning is combined with any high type of a daytime-wear brace, on condition that the upper part of the brace is losed or sufficiently rigid. The use of geared belts for the adjustment of the corrective pad is suitable primarily for lumbar curves, but under certain construction conditions can be applied for thoracic curves as well. The possibility of that adjustment very much facilitates the process of the patient’s adaptation to the new orthosis and his vertical compensation.
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