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Method of measuring axial pelvis rotation - a pilot study

ČERNÝ, P., STOLINSKI, L., CZAPROWSKI, D., MAŘÍK, I., DRNKOVÁ - MURANOVÁ, J., KOTWICKI, T. Method of measuring axial pelvis rotation - a pilot study. Prague, 2017.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Method of measuring axial pelvis rotation - a pilot study
Rok vydání: 2017
Autoři: Ing. Pavel Černý Ph.D. , Lukasz Stolinski , Dariusz Czaprowski , Prof. MUDr. Ivo Mařík CSc. , Jana Drnková - Muranová , Tomasz Kotwicki
Abstrakt EN: Results and discussion: The method of measuring pelvic rotation using the widths of projections of pelvic blades was successfully used to identify pelvic rotation from a photograph. In the first stage examination of the photographs comprised 13 persons (5 males, 8 females), aged 11-58 years. The relevant readings were measured in a physiological posture of the pelvis for the pelvic rotations ranging from 0° to 30°; SD = 2,7 (4,1). The method of reading the photographs requires a visible contour of the patient’s hips, including the proximal part of the gluteal crease. Using the presented method it is easy to identify the axial pelvic rotation. Examination of the axial position of the pelvic appears to be effective particularly when examination of the same patient over successive time segments is performed. The method will be gradually checked on more representative group of individuals.
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